Lower costs. Enhanced data. Improved safety.

Innovative robotics & data analytics
field inspection services

ARIX Technologies is an integrated robotics & data analytics company that delivers inspection services through innovative robotics platforms. ARIX develops, deploys and operates robots for pipe corrosion detection & management for the petrochemicals industry and has a wide potential range of use cases across markets. Our intent is to lower costs, enhance data, and improve safety for our customers. ARIX is dedicated to deploying our current fleet of robots to add immediate value while continuing to innovate to meet customer needs.


ARIX Careers

No current job openings, but always interested in meeting future teammates

We have no current openings at the moment, but always interested in meeting future teammates in case a role does open up (or in case it makes sense for us to write in a new role for you). Our most likely future openings are for mechatronics engineers, software developers, data scientists, robotics pilots, and NDT inspectors.

Information or job / demo requests

Contact us

Sales: keith@arix-tech.com

Field Operations: tyler@arix-tech.com

Our location

We are proudly based in Texas and Louisiana, with our main engineering office in Houston, Texas. ARIX currently operates both domestically and internationally.